My Dream Machine

Have you ever thought the diseases such as heart, cancer, brain, …. or congenital diseases such as mute, deaf, blind. what if we have the machine can handle those things. yeah it’s so crazy that is almost impossible. How it works and how it’s created. Like current artificial intelligence, it will be provided with information that is only related to disease and that includes the ability to remember conversations at world health conferences. especially that it can be mass-produced but only for hospitals and doctors who have their own clinics. but its limitation is that cannot be performed surgey . most of its work is taking samples and giving the most accurate answer. Besides, it can give treatment options, it does not directly perform surgery but it will give information about possible situations. The cost of each of these machines will be about eight hundred thousand dollars. It seems quite expensive compared to some small hospitals. In addition, people will have a question about what the doctors will do. Doctors will also understand that sometimes they will not be able to handle some types of illness or they have never seen the disease so this is very necessary. At the same time, this machine will help disabled people to return to normal people because there are many successful treatments for congenital types in the world. one doctor may not know but all the other doctors may know, this machine will help doctors to gain more knowledge because it is a combination of medical knowledge. Ahh I almost forget, psychological problems that this machine can’t handle so doctors who can help patients with a more positive spirit to cure. The disease will never go away if it is the patient who does not want it happend. why I suddenly think about this invention that because I had seen many people who died, just because some doctors didn’t have enough ability to handle that. No one wanted it happened, many young people who died too early, just because that is the hard illness to handle. Similarly, I don’t want to see people with disabilities have to live difficulty, sometimes they will feel narcissistic about themselves. So every problems above that are the reasons why I wrote about this invention.

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